Saturday, May 2, 2009

My first crystal singing bowl

I got my first crystal singing bowl, an 8" classic frosted bowl with a G# tone from Crystal Tones. This tone is associated with what is known as the zeal point and is on the back of the neck, about halfway between the third eye and throat chakras.

I'm actually surprised at how easy it is to play and it sounds very nice. The box it arrived in was very big compared to the bowl and contained lots of packing peanuts. I even got some free incense with it, which was a nice surprise.

I was I could say my experience with the company was as good as the product. Their website's certificate expired, which did not make me feel safe ordering online, and I felt the representative that took my order was a bit pushy in trying to sell me more than I wanted. I would also have preferred that they connect their website database with their inventory so you actually know what is in stock.