Wednesday, June 3, 2009

7 Ways to Better Recall Your Dreams

A Reader's Digest article titled 7 Ways to Better Recall Your Dreams has some good ideas, though I am not sure that all of them really help with recall.

Incubating an idea is better for guiding dream content than remembering the dream.

Connecting the dots, as stated in the article, is better for interpreting dreams, but I usually find that having hunches about a dream's meaning work better than trying to analyze them or looking them up in a dream dictionary.

And finally, changing the outcome is better suited for trying to have a lucid dream.

I have used the other tips for dream recall. I don't really write them down immediately after waking up, as I am better at holding the dream in my head (and sometimes I will remember it later in the day), but I think meditation has helped with dream recall.